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Intermediate WCS

B E G I N S  O N  M A R C H  1 ,  2 0 2 3

Also known as the "Intermediate" Level, this class aims to challenge dancers mentally and physically to achieve a higher understanding of West Coast Swing while still having fun!

1. Push Break/Sugar push 
2. Tuck Turn
3. Left Side Pass
4. Under Arm Turn/Right Side Pass
5. Whip


There are two ways to be eligible for this class. These requirements are put in place to keep the level of dancers consistent to retain the integrity of an Intermediate Level class.

1. If you have never taken a class with Ryan please contact him first. You will be required to send a video to his email or through facebook messenger of you OR yourself and a partner (preferably) dancing through the 5 patterns listed above.

2. If you HAVE taken either the 101 or 102 classes you will be qualified to partake in this class. 

If you have not done either of those two options and signed up, you will receive an email as a reminder about the requirements. If you have not sent in a video you will be refunded the full amount.


Triangle Dance Studio, 2603 S. Miami Blvd.
Durham (near RTP), NC 27703



Each class will be limited to 40 dancers, 20 leaders, and 20 followers. I encourage everyone to learn both roles in west coast swing. Generally, the gentlemen are leaders and the ladies are followers, but feel free to sign up for whatever role! (If you take the advanced class as one role, maybe try the beginner class as the opposite ;))

Once the class is filled up, we will be closing registration. BUT if you missed this opportunity, we will open up registration for the next series after the current series begins!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out by Messenger, phone 919.702.9309 or email


Private lessons, coaching and choreography are also available.


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