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What is a Jack & Jill?

Jack & Jill contests are competitions where leaders and followers are paired up randomly, and dance to a song chosen by the DJ. Most contests run multiple rounds depending on how many competitors are registered. Competitors rotate partners for every song and are judged individually, with the exception of a "Final" or the last round of the competition, where competitors are paired up once more but are judged as a couple for the last round.

Jack & Jill Night

At Wednesday WCS we run the occasional "Jack & Jill Night". We do these nights to bring everyone in the RDU and the surrounding area together for a night of competition and fun! You don't have to be a WSDC Competitor to participate in our competition, register below and secure your spot! 


Our contest is a Jackpot competition, meaning that the sum of all the entry fees will be given back to the competitors! Winnings are rewarded as such...

1st = 50%   |   2nd = 30%   |   3rd = 20%

At Wednesday WCS we do things a little differently...on top of the Jackpot, we add cash on top of the winnings! Just like at dance events, the number of rewards is based on the number of people who register for the competition. For updates on the extra rewards follow Wednesday WCS on Facebook!


Start Time & Location

Start time - 9:15 PM

Location - "Studio 5"

2603 S Miami Blvd, Durham NC, 27703

TDS Studio 5
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