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Image by Jeremy Perkins

2603 S Miami Blvd, Durham NC, 27703

Image by Jeremy Perkins

Swing Dancing in the Triangle...

A fun, friendly, and inclusive swing dance! The Swing Space social dance runs every Wednesday from 8:30 pm - 10 PM. The dance space utilizes a wood dance floor, and food/drinks will be provided. We welcome you to bring outside drinks but our dance is an ALCOHOL-FREE event. Join DJ Ryan Boz along with occasional guest DJs for an enthralling night of dancing!

Image by Jeremy Perkins


2603 S Miami Blvd, Durham NC, 27703


Which Building?

When you arrive in the parking lot we are located downstairs of the "two-story building". Go up the small ramp and walk in the front door! Our building is highlighted in Purple to the left!

What should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Some students wear jeans or leggings while others wear shorts and sweatpants. Wear something that makes you happy and confident!


S O C I A L  D A N C E

Public Entry: $10

Students Enrolled in Any Current Class Series: $5

"Cosmic Moves" Class (Before Social Dance): $20

Note: Does not include entry to social dance

Check out our Weekly Classes & Special Events

Accepted Payment Methods:


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Periodically we host "Special Events" such as themed nights (Neon, Black Out, Etc.), with the most fun and interactive being the "Jack & Jill" Nights! On these nights you dress up to match the theme or pay a small entry fee (only for contests held at the dance). For more information click on Special Events in the Navigation above!

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