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Ryan Boz is a three-time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion. Starting his dancing career at a young age, he grew up in a dancing household, learning all styles of dance including shag, west coast swing, east coast swing, latin, country, and hip hop. Ryan's dancing career has taken him all over the world as well as to television and movies. His passion and goal in life is to teach everyone to dance, so that they may also learn the joys one can derive from dancing the night away...


Ryan Boz has been dancing and entertaining since he was 5 years old, with his first professional gig singing the National Anthem at the July 4th Phoenix Dance Convention in 2005. Ryan did his first Cabaret Routine at the age of 6 doing Hip Hop (check out youtube) and then moved on to add both Carolina Shag and West Coast Swing, putting routines on the floor every year since the age of 8, all the while STILL doing an original Hip Hop Cabaret Routine Every Year! Ryan started traveling and assisting his Mom, professional Dance Instructor Debbie Ramsey in 2011, traveling to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, California, New York, Atlanta, South Carolina and Washington DC.

In 2015 Ryan started dancing with Alexis Garrish, together they are THREE-TIME US Open Swing Dance Champions in the Young Adult Division and he is the winner of the 2017 Youth Dancer Award. This Event, held in Burbank CA, is the highest West Coast Swing Honor that can be achieved. Ryan placed 3rd in the Cabaret Division at the 2015 US Open doing a Hip Hop/Jazz/Comedy Routine and is also a member of the 2015 US Open Carolina Shag Team Champions

As a young man who brings appeal to the younger dancers with his youth and his combined WCS/Shag footwork and styling which has ALSO made him popular with the adult dancers! Raised in the Diamond Technique Style, Ryan has a beautiful delivery in movement, and his simple style combined with his natural musicality and footwork makes him a unique Teacher bringing a new and innovative style of West Coast Swing!

Ryan is co-director of The Carolina Youth Dance Academy, a 501c3 that offers free dance lessons to youth of ALL abilities and donates his time to helping Kids (some older than him) learn how to Partner Dance and Hip Hop which Ryan knows helps young people with confidence, grace and social skills.


Ryan is a busy young man, along with ALL of his dancing, Ryan is also a working Actor, staring in “A Haunting – Dangerous Games” and Co-Starring in many Roles, in the Blockbuster Movie “Jungle Cruise” (Staring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), HBO’s “Vice Principals”, “Fist Fight”, “Secret and Lies”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Revolution” and more…. 

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